New Fic: How Mycroft Stopped Worrying About Sherlock

Mycroft Holmes is Sherlock’s older brother who works for the British government and a supporting character in Guard Me, Sherlock! He and his brother are highly intelligent compared to their parents who are considered normal, which is surprising to those who know the Holmes brothers. He and Sherlock helped catch the killer who murdered Mikah’s parents. Since Mikah had no other relatives, he and Sherlock would his family from then on. Mycroft has brown hair and brown eyes and wears a well-tailored suit. He works for British Government, but he’s described that he is the British Government. Like his original counterpart, he’s intelligent and observant if not more so than his younger brother but unwillingly to physically put effort in his intelligence. He’s often aloof and cool, but his most noticeable trait is that he’s very manipulative toward Sherlock.

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Hey friend, thanks. Mycroft is crazy jealous, until he comes to conclusion, that Greg wants to propose him. Will this story end with wedding or…. Mycroft is not upset. And yet-.

Holmes-Boys-Christmas Fanfic in PDF [for those who would like to download Mycroft carefully wrote down the title of the experiment, the date, and the time in.

From the obvious John and Sherlock to the obscure Mycroft and Lestrade just about every character has been paired together by some fan on the internet somewhere. Of course, no discussion of Sherlockian shipping would be complete without mentioning the original pairing of Sherlock and John. This particular ship has been fan-fiction fodder since Victorian times with the idea of these two being more than friends is replete throughout Sherlock.

Got any crisps? Much of the recent Johnlock fanfic is inspired by this series, much more than older shows or the Downey Jr. Beware searching Johnlock on tumblr though…. In Series Two, however, that changes. You might say he even flirts with her but stops when he sees her engagement ring. Then suddenly we discover that Molly and Tom have split.

Now it seems possible for Sherlock and Molly to finally get together.

Mycroft Holmes

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I sometimes do Sherlock fic recs, but I am now semi-retired! Posts · Likes Furthermore, Greg and Mycroft weren’t actually dating. Mycroft was.

While the previous one was bad , this was actually a good piece of television. It makes its many issues all the more jarring. John has a new therapist, and while in session, he neglects to tell her he has hallucinations of his dead wife. Just at that moment, a flashy sports car appears in front of the door, pursued by the police. We cut to a meeting room where Mr. The confession is that he needs to kill someone. His daughter seems to remember at least bits of that meeting. The next we see is her visiting Sherlock, telling him all about it.

Her whole life, she says, was changed by one word when her father told them whom he needed to kill. During the entire progress of their walk, Mycroft is monitoring them from a helicopter. Hudson gets out of the flashy car and emotionally blackmails him into promising to help Sherlock. Then she opens the trunk to reveal the detective there. He is high as a kite once again, but tells John that Mr.

Smith is a serial killer.

SDCC: Lestrade and Mycroft? Sherlock at Nerd HQ Answers Fans’ Questions

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Being Sherlock and Mycroft’s Sister And Dating John Would Involve. how would you guys feel about me writing a mandalorian fan fic?? or.

I started writing this before seeing the full extent of the hurt and anger over Mycroft’s appearance in the special, and this fic now feels far more potentially controversial than I had any intention of it being. So I guess I’m just going to have to take any criticism as it comes. I’ve been defriended over fic before I think – it hurts, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, and I understand that.

I was also thinking how ironic it is that I resented Mycroft intensely for years literally, years because he WASN’T fat, got used to him, started adoring him the way he was, and now he finally did get to be fat and it’s a disaster. I realise this fic is probably not for anyone everyone, but I had to. Summary: He stands once more in the Stranger’s Room at the Diogenes, afternoon sunlight filtering weakly through the windows.

Dust motes swirl in the shafts of light, the remnants of dead things. Dead hopes, dead dreams, dead desires.

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You lot have been BUSY! That makes finding these fics easier. Thank you.

No Archive Warnings Apply · Sherlock Holmes/John Watson · Molly Hooper/​Stella Hopkins · Mycroft especially because the last time he went to one of these things he was Mycroft’s real date. Translation from the spanish fic of the same title.

He read the papers every day. He frowned as the thought came that the Labour Party would be doing quite well in the upcoming elections. Mummy and Father did not approve of the Labour Party. There was little chance that he would be caught like those stupid American kids who ran afoul of the SEC by overtly manipulating stock sales through newsletters and the burgeoning electronic bulletin boards.

The second portfolio was strictly confidential. This had resolved both the questions and any potential indiscretions of his broker. Nanny dashed in wringing her hands with an expression on her face that Mycroft had learned to associate with a crisis regarding his little brother, Sherlock. Someone had made a small tactical error. Besides it was boring stuck in the nursery alone. All the other people at the party were old. Some of them were even older than Mummy and Father!

At the moment, Sherlock was hidden behind a curtain trying to keep absolutely still.

Mystrade Fanfiction: Too Busy For Love

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Mycroft Holmes Fanfiction Recs (BBC’s Sherlock) makes it even more fascinating to see a Mycroft who’s completely out of his depth when it comes to dating.

Account name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. Notes: My recipient wanted ‘Mycroft n Sherlock love each other, really’ type of fic, and Please note that all the warnings are there for a reason – this is not a happy story by any means. I would also like to thank Hoodoo over at FF. The domineering and intense, but non-incestuous love that a mother has for an intelligent son, and an often absent or weak father figure. The incestuous sexual desire of a mother towards her son. For if he cries, his mother will come to his bedroom late at night and comfort him.

A man who many people know, and yet know nothing about him.

Sherlock fic: We’ll never be done

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Hi all! I am a newbie both to this list and Sherlock fiction and am looking for two types of fics.

That set the tone for Graves to say, “Mycroft is Lestrade’s date,” which he quickly tried to take back even as fanfiction writers already starting.

Keep reading. Originally posted by notfspurejam. C is for Catcall Jealousy and fluff – Headcanons and scenarios. D is for Deceitful Death Angst – Scenarios. E is for Epiphany Fluff – Headcanon s. H is for Homely life Fluff – Domestic headcanons. I is for Impressing You Fluff – Headcanons and scenarios. J is for Jealousy Jealousy – Headcanons.

M is for Marriage Fluff – Headcanons and scenarios. N is for Nightmare Comfort – Headcanons. Q is for Quiet Comfort – Scenarios. S is for Summer Vacation Gen – Headcanons. U is for Umbrella Fluff – Scenario.

Mycroft: Chapter 9 (Shall We Date? Guard Me, Sherlock)